Raw Energy Balls

All because the lady was tired….

Haha. Seriously though, these are an awesome sugar-free energy boost food. Just be careful not to take the entire batch to the office on the pretense that you will eat them throughout the week and then eat them all in one go. (Not that I’m speaking from experience; I would never do that. Ever) :)

Basic recipe:

There are many variations of this recipe to be found online with varying ingredients and quantities, which is why, I like to make it up. Every time. You can use the following as a rough guide..

Dates (about half a cup)
Pecans (about half a cup)
Goji berries (quarter cup)
Raisins (quarter cup)

Add the whole lot into a blender and mix until they bind into solid form (the pecans will release a lot of oil but the mixture should be solid enough to roll into balls).

Then get your hands messy! Roll into small (or large) balls for sharing (or, not).


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